Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development


We start our consultation process by means of holding an informative conversation with our clients to find out their expectations and purposes regarding their project. To develop the customized solution, our dedicated project managers will learn the customer’s industry, peculiarities of the brand and the client’s competitors. Afterwards, we establish the project’s schedule and deadline. Besides, an interactive map of the project is created to give our customers an opportunity to check the project path to be kept up-to-date on.


We begin to work on the project’s design in accordance with the consultation received. Interactive prototypes are created to allow our customers to follow the peculiarities of the user experience, interface and functionality. Very often this stage is missed because of mere wireframes or mock-ups to be static. Thus, making available such interactive portal of the customer’s project, our clients get the full understanding of the final result before coding.

Project managment

RoboInside perfectly understands significance and assignment of a highly skilled manager responsible for the project to carefully examine all project aspects and ensure the required solution to be provided. Besides, our high-tech project management tools make it possible for our clients to keep up with all additions and changes at any stage of the development process.


Our company uses the lifecycle of agile software development to provide flexibility required at the digital market place including, thus, the up-to-date technologies to guarantee our customers meeting their requirements in the most effective way. In addition, our clients have a possibility to select the most suitable software programming language and platform for their project.


Every project is carefully checked both manually and by means of software-based testing tools. Such bracketing approach guaranties both high quality of usage and code-level degree for the customers’ mobile and web projects. Moreover, our dedicated project managers use special software to be convinced there are no problems with the code. We also check every project for consistency to provide its optimization for any screen.


As soon as the client’s solution has got over all project phases and been already accomplished, our company provides assistance and marketing to enhance project’s online visibility. Taking into account the client’s purposes, we are able to help in SEM running (Search Engine Marketing), ensure SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or start up a social media campaign throughout all main platforms. It is a guarantee that the customer’s project will be visible online by the desired users.

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