UX & UI Design

UX & UI Design

Your relashionship with your audience

When building the customized solution, it is very important that the app or website makes a perfect user experience displaying the needs and purposes of the customer’s business. We fix attention on making solutions to be intuitive and easy to apply for users. After having been launched, the project is monitored by us to stop the customer’s bounce rate and ensure that users visit the app or website and stay there. Get the Client’s Commercial Offer!

Besides, our company analyses the users’ navigation to steadily improve project’s usability to ensure that visitors can find all necessary information in the short period of time. Eventually, if there are any problems with the project, our dedicated team starts testing additional changes to improve the visitor experience. After the project completion, we steadily monitor it at Proforma Web to be aware that the client’s interaction with his/her users keeps going in the most effective way.

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